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    Pac-Man Battle Royale Cabinet

    Pac-Man Battle Royale Cabinet

      • Actual Size: 48"W x 36"L x 84"H
      • Outlets: (1) 110v outlet

      • $795.00
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    Pac-Man Battle Royale Cabinet is a 4-player game where opponents attempt to eat dots and power pellets while avoiding ghosts, all while trying to eat their opponents to win! 

    Pac-man Battle Royale

    Setup Area: 4'L x 4'W x 7'H

    - The First 4-Player Competitive Pac-Man Game! - Eat Power Pellets and Grow in Size to Gobble Up Your Opponents for the Win!
    - Features a Bright 32in LCD Monitor
    - Control Your Pac-Man with Classic Joysticks Just Like the Original!
    - Displays Statistics Such as Won the Most Rounds or Ate the Most Pac-Man at the End of Each Round

    Rent this awesome 4 player Pac-Man battle Royale arcade. Up to four players can compete at once, choosing a game length of between three and nine rounds. Each player controls a differently colored Pac-Man character; a single player faces one computer-controlled Pac-Man opponent. The players move throughout a maze, avoiding ghosts and attempting to eat dots and power pellets scattered throughout. New dots and pellets appear whenever the players eat them all. In addition; if any player eats a bonus item that appears next to the ghosts' cage, all remaining dots and pellets are immediately removed and replaced.

    Each round lasts a maximum of two minutes, with an on-screen countdown for the last 10 seconds. The last remaining Pac-Man wins the round. All players are brought back into the game at the start of each new round; after the final round, the player with the most victories is the overall winner