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    Working at J-Dogs

    J-Dogs is not your average 9-5 job - for any of our employees.

    All employees are essential to our success.
    From the office staff booking and planning events, to our warehouse staff loading, unloading, and caring for equipment, and finally to our event staff, the face of J-Dogs making sure the events go off without a hitch.

    We all take pride in our work because we are creating lasting memories for townships, schools, and families. We create opportunities for people to have fun!


    We're on a Roll!

    We have year-round employees for which this is a career. These employees have been in the event and entertainment business for countless years, have a plethora of experience, and J-Dogs is our life.

    We have college students who need a job while they're home visiting, or while in school. We have a fantastic group of people who love to work and return every season!

    We have high school students who need to gain experience in the working world. We love to give opportunities to young people in our community.

    If you're willing to be a team player, we would love to have you. Dressing up like a Hot Dog or wearing Mickey ears the party host gives you might be necessary at times.