Giant Pong

    All the excitement of table pong but on a larger level.

    Dimensions: Allow a 15ft x 30ft open area. Level surfaces are best.
    Set Up Includes: Twelve 55 Gallon "Cups" (6 for each team)
    Two Large Pong Balls (soft sport balls)

    Object is to sink more pong balls in your opponents cups. Once a cup as been score in, it is removed from the line up. The game becomes more challenging as you play as there are less opportunities to score. Game can be played 1 on 1 or 2 on 2. Play by your own rules.

    *Play classic "Beer Pong - all beverages must be provided by the client and beverages should not be poured into the Giant Pong Cups, but kept in separate containers. OR Play with water - when a team scores, soak your opponents and the dryest team wins!
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