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NEW! Rapid Fire

NEW! Rapid Fire

Setup area: 38'L x 16'W x 12'

Outlets: 110 volt/20 amp line


Please call to reserve this item.

Rapid Fire is a thrilling new and exciting interactive game for 4 players at a time. Teammates enter Rapid Fire on opposite corners and are harnessed to opponents by way of a bungee, (Each player is facing their opponent on the other side of the netting.) The object of the game is to pass as many balls though the holes into your opponent's section as fast as you can (5 in total.) Your opponent facing you then tries to pass them back through. (It is made harder as the balls roll all the way back to the start.) Sound easy? Well, try to get to those holes while being pulled by way of the bungee attached to your other oppenent beside you. Work as a team to keep your opponents away from the balls while returning them simultaneously! At the end of the game, the team with the least amount of balls in their area WINS!

*Choose a time limit per game. Play time will vary per event. 

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